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Anonymous sent: Looking for Co owners?

we’ve come to the concensus that we’re staying us 4 for now :)

as you all know, yeah i suck a lot and tend to not keep promises so part 5 of Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High is a no go. But i do like writing so a new mini fic is in the making and bc i can it may or may not be a 5SOS one bc at this point we all love 5sos <3

Sass and Class Louis 
"Sorry love but I don&#8217;t really care&#8230;"

Sass and Class Louis 

"Sorry love but I don’t really care…"

We are sad to inform that Farren will no longer be with us in the blog. The reason why we rather keep it known to ourselves, your prayers will nonetheless be greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much <3

Anonymous sent: What happened to this account ?

lol nothing? we’re all here x.

Shopping with Perrie

Shopping with Perrie

"Better Than Words&#8230;" – Zayn

"Better Than Words…" – Zayn

"Best I Ever Had&#8230;" – Niall

"Best I Ever Had…" – Niall

"You Drive Me Crazy&#8230;" – Louis

"You Drive Me Crazy…" – Louis

"I&#8217;m All Shook Up&#8230;" – Liam

"I’m All Shook Up…" – Liam